SMEBIZZ Organizes SMEBIZZ Business Networking Meetup Conclave.

• Want to get new business clients?
• Want to meet other business people from your city?
• Want to find new partners and business opportunities?
• Want to invest in growing industries?
• Want to grow your network?
• Want to grow your business to new heights?

If yes, then SMEBIZZ is perfect for you.we create a professional environment for people to present their businesses and to network with other business people from the city.

Our VISION is to create a community of smart and intelligent business people who know how to leverage their network to grow their business. We plan to launch such business events in India for everyone.

Every great business owner knows that the only way to take your business to the next level is through great connections and a strong network. The network you build can open previously closed doors, bring you new business, help you turn your business from stagnancy to growth and much more.

Therefore, SMEBIZZ is an opportunity for everyone to join this business community and attend our business meetup events  to connect, network and grow.
Business Meetup Covers-

-Session 1: Introduction And 2 To 4 Minute Presentations
A really short introduction and You will get 2 to 4 minutes on the clock to present your business. You can tell everything you want to tell about your business.You can do presentation on Power Point of  your business. Or you can also Present  with a little speech.

-Session 2: Immediate Referrals From Group 
After the presentation,The Group Members provide immediate Referrals If Any Group Member Requires Any Product/services.

Session 3: Trainings To Increase Your Sales Graph.
Business Trainings To Focus On Key Factor To Grow Sales.

Session 4: Open Floor Networking
You get to talk And Exchange Visiting Cards with everyone without any hindrance whatsoever.
This is where you can build a strong network of people through one on one networking.
Also,Refreshments Served.

Total Time For Event is 3.5 hours
Benefits For The Business Meetup Are-

• Make/Have New Investments
• Start New Business Partnerships
• Have New Clients
• Generate Referrals
• Grow Your Business
• Build Business Network To Expand Business
• Business Trainings To increase Sales



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SMEBIZZ Organizes SMEBIZZ Business Networking Meetup Conclave,Delhi on 21th dec 2019 At Add-Ha..
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